Upcoming Courses and Booking Information

Introduction to Beekeeping Course (2 day Theory and 1 day Practical)

Time/Date: 21st/22nd May 2022 @ 10am to 4pm Location: Harrietsham Village Hall (here) Cost: £70.00 (includes Lunch, there is an additional fee for club membership)

Tudor Dez Leach will cover equipment and hives, bee handling, Basic bee biology and the Beekeeping year, with a focus on the practical aspects of becoming a beekeeper.  Lunch and helpers provided by volunteer members of Mid Kent Bee Keepers. The practical bee handling session will take place after the theory weekend,  dates to be arranged at the course,  and will be held at our well equipped Mid Kent club Apiary at Bradbourne House West Malling. 

Course attendees will be able to learn more in these smaller groups, and hear more easily whilst in a bee suit. Bee suits will be available for use.

If you are interested in the Introduction to Beekeeping weekend please request application form,  from Susan Chartier our Course Co-Ordinator via email or phone on 07484 680946

Meet the Bees Sessions

We are planning a “Meet the Bees” day or afternoon which will be a friendly informal chat at our Mid Kent Apiary clubhouse and an introduction to the bees in the Apiary.  This will be a useful experience to see how you feel with the bees before taking a more comprehensive course or buying equipment.

It is likely to be at short notice as dependant on the weather forecast, and will be minimal cost depending on numbers.

If you are interested in meeting the clubs bees please contact Susan Chartier our Course Co-Ordinator via email or phone on 07484 680946

Please note that courses are subject to current future Covid rules, and in the event of cancellation will be refunded.